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Our mission at Bmore Visuals is to artfully document your most cherished moments. We intertwine the threads of love, joy, and togetherness with an unwavering commitment to storytelling and a keen eye for detail. Serving couples in the Lehigh Valley, PA and worldwide, we're a trusted luxury wedding photographer & videographer team that will transform your special day into a visual journey that you can relive and treasure forever.

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"Kasey and Wayne were amazing! They were so sweet, easy to work with, and got beautiful footage. 1000% recommend!"

The Bmore Experience

Every wedding we shoot captures the real essence of the couples within. We don't rely on fixed shot lists or editing formulas. Instead, we curate each memory around your vibe, what moments are most important to you, and the connection you share with one another.

Being a couple ourselves, we bring a unique perspective to capturing the special moments on wedding days. We understand the subtle glances, the unspoken emotions, and the intimate connections that make your day truly extraordinary. Our shared journey allows us to see and document these moments in a way that resonates deeply with your love story.

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frequently asked questions

How do we book your services for our wedding?

If you're interested in booking, please fill out our contact form and provide as much information about your day as possible! Since our company is comprised of just the two of us, we only take on a limited number of weddings to deliver the highest quality products and give an exceptional client experience. Once you inquire we'll respond within 12-24 hours and book a time to set up a consultation!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

We do, and we encourage them! All of our photography collections include an engagement session as an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level and act as a practice run in front of the lens. You'll get used to our posing style and get comfortable around us so that by the time your wedding day rolls around you won't have anything to stress about. :)

How many hours of coverage do you offer?

We offer three collections ranging from 6-10 hours of coverage so that couples can pick whichever one best suits their needs. If you need more or less coverage than you see in our offerings, we'd be happy to create a custom package to make sure you're getting everything you want! You can browse full collections here.

Do you offer payment plans?

We fully understand how overwhelming budgeting for a wedding can be, and we're more than happy to set up a payment plan once your deposit is paid and the date is locked in. We also have an AutoPay feature that clients can utilize so they never have to worry about remembering to manually make a payment. We can chat during a consultation call to discuss a payment schedule that would work best for you.

How would you describe your style?

Our style can be best described as authentic and documentary-style. Our photos and films cohesively go together to tell your story in a way that feels true to you & your love. We always take time to get the "mom and dad" shots where we have you smile and look at the camera, but the majority of our time together will be focused on capturing the way you naturally interact with each other. We offer some general direction and will guide you into gentle poses so that you don't feel unsure of what to do, and then we step back and capture your natural movements and glances you exchange.

Do you travel? If so, what's your travel fee?

We're a photography and videography team based out of the Lehigh Valley, PA but we're willing to travel to any location that sets your heart on fire. For locations over an hour away, we typically charge an additional $75 an hour. Travel rates may fluctuate depending on specific locations and additional accommodations may be required.

Do you do destination weddings?

We have our passports and we're ready to go! We also offer discounted rates for certain destinations like Italy, Greece, and Ireland.

Can we request specific shots?

If there's a certain pose or a specific location you'd like for us to capture, please let us know! We typically ask multiple times if there's anything in particular you were envisioning. Your wedding day is all about you and our goal is to deliver everything you're hoping for and more. Additionally, if you have any sensitivities or prefer not to be photographed from certain angles, please inform us of that, too. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

When can we expect to receive our final products?

We edit photo galleries and films in the order that we shoot them, and we try to get them out as quickly as we can while still taking enough time to make sure everything is perfectly fine-tuned. Delivery timing may fluctuate during peak season, but we typically estimate about a 6-8 week turnaround time.

How will our products be delivered?

Wedding photo galleries will be delivered via online download link with the option to download both web-sized photos for sharing & full resolution for prints or albums. It contains a professional print shop where you can order custom keepsakes with all your favorite images! Wedding films will be delivered via online gallery with download and sharing options, and also streaming capabilities so you can have a date night watch party! USB delivery can be added upon request.

How do you back up the photos and footage?

On a wedding day, we use two SD cards in each camera so we always have a spare copy. As soon as we return to our office, we offload all the content and back it up onto two physical drives and cloud storage so we always have several backup options. We always over prepare so that even if something fails we have another source!

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

In our experience as a wedding photography and videography team, we've been faced with many different conditions. One of them, unfortunately, being rain! We always come equipped with a clear umbrella and some rain bags in the event that most of the day is taking place outdoors and there isn't another option. A little rain won't stop us from capturing your wedding day and we'll be right beside you supporting and reassuring you that everything will happen the way it's meant to. :)

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